RCM Salary - Resident Care Manager-L

600 N 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355, EE. UU. Sol. nº 13
jueves, 14 de julio de 2022

Full Time RCM RN (OR Veterans Home - Lebanon)


Monday-Friday Salaried position

Resident Care Manager for LTC/SNF

Experience preferred
Must have a current OSBN RN license

OREGON VETERANS HOME - LEBANON operates using the “Small House” model of service. Nursing employees will have shared leadership and greater decision making. The House will be a collaborative work process where a home environment is maximized.

Some of our many Benefits include:
~ 12 hour shifts with SELF-SCHEDULING for our hourly staff
~ Exceptional staffing ratios
NURSES: Days 1:14 NOC 1:21
CNAs: Days 1:5 NOC 1:7
~ 7 paid Holidays along with accrued PTO and Sick Time
~ Company provided benefits including medical, dental, vision and more
~ Highly competitive wages
~ Daycare reimbursement up to $100/month

~ Instant Pay with Dayforce Wallet

One of our own RCMs says it best:

“Other companies are $$ driven. It is all about how to save/cut costs while they pile more and more work on. Our RCM position is working for a company that will actually obtain the needed supplies and tools to provide excellent care for our Residents. Our model is not about income, but about great care.

There is longevity in our team of RCM’s. Most of us have been here for 4+ yrs. When we have only been open 5, this says a lot. It is not all perfect but it shows dedication and job satisfaction.

I know that more and more companies are going toward MDS coordinators. We still do our own, but we do it with at least HALF the amount of Residents. 21-28 is not a usual case load. Example: The last company I worked for, my max was 40 and my usual was 30-35 depending on census.

Another bonus is our very low skilled population. We are long term focused.”

If this appeals to you contact Angela Brashear, DNS at 541.981.1428, Monday-Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm for more information and/or a tour to see first-hand just what an amazing revolutionary culture change the small home concept is! Oregon Veterans Home – Lebanon is located at 600 N 5th Street, Lebanon OR 97355Equal

Equal Opportunity Employer
Pre-employment drug test and criminal background check required for new hires

Job Title: RCM Exempt Reports To: DNS

General Position Summary:

The RCM is responsible for 24-hour accountability for the care of all patients assigned to her/his wings. The RCM collaborates with all members of the health care team to develop and maintain a high quality of nursing care for her/his assigned patients. The RCM will insure a quality of service that will fulfill the objectives of the facility and be in accord with the policies and procedures set forth by the facility’s administration and governing body.

Scope of Service:

The client base for the RCM consists of residents and family members, adolescent to senior adult. The staff member in this department must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the resident/client served in this department.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

  1. Assures that resident admission status is assessed and documented within 8 hours of admission
  2. Assures that the need for nursing services are assessed (including restorative) and documented within 72 hours of admission (completed patient assessment)
  3. Assures that a plan of care for nursing services is developed and documented within 24 hours of admission, and completed within 14 days
  4. Assures that residents’ condition is updated and reviewed when residents’ condition changes and no less than quarterly, both in patient record and care plan
  5. rules and regulations
  6. Assists during Annual State survey
  7. Demonstrates knowledge and judgement concerning patient care delivery and utilizes the nursing process
  8. Evaluates nursing care delivery by making rounds on a daily basis
  9. Assures that the care plan considers the wishes of the resident and significant others
  10. Implements plan of care or assists other licensed personnel in implementing plan of care
  11. Assures that the realistic measurable goals are developed for each patient
  12. Directs resident care conferences
  13. Participates in Quality Assurance endeavors.
  14. Establishes priorities for resident care and delegates PRN.
  15. Demonstrates observation skills for obvious and subtle changes in resident’s condition.
  16. Accurately assesses resident physical and psychosocial status in collaboration with charge nurse.
  17. Identifies resident illness (via labs and presenting symptoms. etc.) and utilizes necessary resources for unfamiliar conditions.
  18. Reports changes in resident’s condition to appropriate personnel (Charge Nurse, DNS, Physician, Pharmacists, and RD) and documents accordingly
  19. Responsible for initiating and discontinuing alert charting
  20. Updates care plan to reflect changes in resident conditions
  21. Provides resident and family with explanations of change in condition as necessary
  22. Implements physician orders in a timely manner with understanding of purpose of order as it relates to resident condition.
  23. Coordinates provision of services with other health care providers.
  24. Demonstrates ability to establish priorities and organize effectively.
  25. Establishes priorities for resident care

Supervisory Responsibility:

  1. Supervises charge nurses, CMA’S and CNA’s
  2. Applies problem solving principles in care delivery process
  3. initiates corrective action as necessary
  4. Demonstrates skill in supervising and assisting licensed and ancillary personnel
  5. Conducts unit meetings every month and PRN
  6. Participates in hiring and termination of staff as directed
  7. Assists in orientation of new staff
  8. Assists with employee performance evaluations
  9. Assist with disciplinary action of assigned nursing personnel and counsels as necessary

Interpersonal Contacts:

  1. Employees, Department Directors and Physicians
  2. Contacts are with residents and family members

Interpersonal Skills/Secondary Job Tasks

  1. Recognizes legal responsibilities and functions within scope of practice
  2. Demonstrates professional responsibility of conduct and attendance record
  3. Provides input to change process and supports DNS and OVH process
  4. Covers in DNS absence
  5. Interprets and adheres to established policies of OVH
  6. Accurately assesses and documents care required for the patient
  7. Reports all problems, needs and concerns to DNS
  8. Interacts with all members of Interdisciplinary Team in a professional manner
  9. Participates in Infection Control procedures and adheres to Infection Control policies
  10. Assures accurate completion of the resident chart in collaboration with Medical Records staff
  11. Acts as a resource person and accepts guidance from available resources
  12. Delegates nursing functions and tasks to another RN or LPN licensed to practice in the State of Oregon
  13. Assumes responsibility for professional growth and continuing education requirements
  14. Attends outside conferences and shares information
  15. Serves on nursing committees as directed
  16. Participates in education of staff, residents and family members
  17. Acts as an education resource person

Education and Experience:

  1. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and current Oregon RN license
  2. Experienced in the care of the geriatric patient as evidenced by completed courses and clinical practice
  3. Proven ability to communicate effectively to staff and residents
  4. Demonstrates leadership abilities
  5. Oregon State law mandates that all RCM’s will have successfully completed 3 credit hours or 30 continuing education hours pertinent to gerontology, rehabilitation or long term care; 3 credit hours or 15 CEU pertinent to supervision, to be completed within 9 months of hire.

Job Conditions:

  1. the Oregon Veterans’ Home with ability to move throughout the facility
  2. Position is a salaried position, normal working hours may very to insure adequate supervision of all shifts.

Essential Physical Elements:

  1. Must be able to push Treatment cart – deliver and utilize supplies
  2. Ability to push Medication cart
  3. Ability to deliver and pick up resident meal trays weighing up to 10 lbs, and charts weighing up to 8 lbs
  4. Must be able to perform CPR
  5. Ability to provide Treatment, including insulin administration, wound care, dressing changes, nebulizer treatment, IV therapy, suctioning, trach care, O2 administration
  6. Frequent walking, sitting, stooping, bending, lifting and standing throughout an eight or twelve hour shift
  7. Ability to carry and transfer O2 tanks weighing up to 14 lbs

Otros detalles

  • Tipo de pago Salario
  • Se requiere desplazamiento No
  • Nivel de formación requerido Título universitario asociado
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  • 600 N 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355, EE. UU.