Cycle Counter

Groveport, Ohio, EE. UU. Sol. nº 349
viernes, 18 de marzo de 2022


Completes cycle counting of all stock (hand count, scale count) and inputs the counts systematically via SAP.


§ Determines if stock needs to be quality controlled.

§ Confirms that stock being cycle counted is correct.

§ Cycle counts and fills HLM shortages.

§ Combines common stock to create more storage space for receiving.

§ Maintains an accurate daily cycle count log.

§ Operates scale for small parts.

§ Searches and locates astray stock.

§ Creates signage as needed per Supervisor’s discretion.

§ Assists pickers in fulfilling orders.

§ Maintains a clean and neat work area.

§ Performs other duties as assigned.

SPECIAL SKILLS, EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS (List specific skills required but not defined in Dimensions).

§ Ability to use calculator

§ Ability to use an RFID scanner

§ Valid operator’s license for Hi-Lo

§ Ability to operate a scale

Frequent bending, crouching, reaching
Must be able to stand/walk for 8 hours a day
Carry/Lift 10-20lbs 5.5-8 hours a day
Carry/Lift 20-50lbs .25-2 hours a day (with assistance)

Monday - Friday
7:00AM - 3:30PM


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  • Grupo de puestos IND
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  • Groveport, Ohio, EE. UU.