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Cheshire Warehouse Selector

New Distribution Center, 400 Industrial Avenue, Cheshire, Connecticut, United States of America Req #320
Friday, January 20, 2023

Position Description:

The Selector is responsible for, but not limited to, the timely, accurate, and damage-free selection of product for our retail customers.  The fulfillment of this objective allows the retailer to meet the shopping needs of those they serve in a superior manner by providing them with a quality end product.  The selection tasks are completed while maintaining the highest standards of personal safety, efficiency, quality, teamwork, pallet construction, and product integrity.  Additionally, the selector adheres to all documented company work/safety rules and compliance to departmental practices, food safety, and the fulfillment of all established policies and procedures.    

Primary Functions:

1.       Uses powered industrial equipment in a safe manner, employing proper lifting techniques when performing job tasks, and observes all safety rules at all times

2.       Follows all beginning of shift procedures, performing pre-tip inspections each day

3.       Effectively utilizes the Voice selection system and adheres to all established practices

4.       Read/understand I.D. product/pallet labels, slot identification codes, and system generated short labels under normal distribution center lighting

5.       Attaches selection labels to each case in the correct position

6.       Possesses an ability to properly construct a pallet, interlocking cases and securing with wrap; maintains product integrity at all times

7.       Works in a damage-free manner at all times; handles the placement of each case on each pallet with great care, ensuring that all product arrows are in the correct position

8.       Utilizes interlocking techniques during product selection as opposed to column stacking, while never undermining product in the pick slot

9.       Follows pallet securing wrap procedures when constructing pallets for shipment

10.   Maintains orderliness in general work areas, minimizing congestion when it occurs, and adhering to standards of proper housekeeping; addresses fallen cases during selection

11.   Maintains all established productivity standards for the position, performs value-added work at all times, and proactively seeks direction from one in charge during slow times

12.   Transports finished pallets of selected product safely to designated bay locations in a damage-free manner, accurately, and anywhere in the distribution center

13.   Selects re-pack cases first in each respective pick slot, supporting the Bud Program

14.   Follows all of end of shift procedures, cleaning out long forks, returning Voice equipment, and parking equipment appropriately

15.   Communicates any problems to somebody in charge, namely personnel, damage, or equipment opportunities or any matter that might interfere with a proper and safe work environment.

Secondary Functions:

Performs other duties as assigned such as:

1.       Supports the loading or forklift functions upon request by management

2.       Retrieves additional assets upon request with the intent of expediting load closures

3.       Assists in the charging process of e-jacks on the dock, ensuring that each one is plugged in

4.       Addresses shorts in any given department and ensures timely delivery to specified doors

5.       Able to work in other departments apart from their established home department

6.       General housekeeping and addressing a spill

7.       Collection of pallets on the loading dock or in the warehouse

8.       Other duties as assigned

Experience Needed:

·         Must be 18 years of age

·         No prior experience required, but warehouse background preferred.

Knowledge Needed:

·         Must be able to obtain proper certification of powered industrial equipment

·         Must be able to pass the required training provided for the use of voice equipment

·         Possess the ability to retain information such as reading labels and work processes.

Behavioral Abilities Needed:

·         Must be able to read, write and understand basic instructions in the English language

·         Must be able to interact with associates professionally and effectively; a team player

·         The ability to work with a sense of urgency in a fast-paced dynamic environment

·         Maintain standards of personal hygiene and proper dress code.

Physical Abilities Required:

1.       Be available to work all shifts/days of the week

2.       Walking, squatting, reaching, twisting, bending and carrying up to 75 pounds, distances of up to 8 feet on wet or slippery surfaces

3.       Push and pull items with a resistance of up to 50 pounds

4.       Climb to an elevation of up to 11 inches

5.       Using repetitive motions with upper and lower extremities; mounting and dismounting equipment approximately 9 inches high

6.       Perform work in a refrigerated warehouse with temperatures ranging from -20 degrees and in a grocery warehouse of up to 100 degrees

7.       Must pass post-employment substance abuse screening, physical ability, and physical health screening which includes the HPE (Human Performance Evaluation) test

8.       Follow all safety/work rules and report to a supervisor any problems that interfere with a safe work environment.

Other details

  • Pay Type Hourly
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  • New Distribution Center, 400 Industrial Avenue, Cheshire, Connecticut, United States of America