Thermal - Distribution Technician II

Pittsburgh, PA, USA Req #35
Friday, December 23, 2022

The Distribution Mechanic is responsible for the safe maintenance, service and repair of the Distribution System. That responsibility will take the form of specific duties to be performed regularly at specific times during the eight (8) hour daylight shift, and other duties that may be assigned from time to time. The Distribution Mechanic is responsible for reporting his or her activities and observations regarding the condition of the Distribution System to the Distribution Lead and completing any required written record(s). The Distribution Mechanic shall also perform duties within the plant or at remote locations at the direction of any of the Leads. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Distribution Mechanic to be responsive to any and all requests made by the Operator in the performance of his or her job in operating the plant.

Reporting Responsibility

The Distribution Mechanic reports to the Distribution Lead for work duties, and day-to-day assignments; to the Operations, Maintenance, or the I&C Leads as required; to the Operator for specific instructions relating to the operation of the Plant; and for all other matters to the Plant Superintendent.

Job Parameters

The Distribution Mechanic works an 8-hour daylight shift as scheduled by the Plant Superintendent and is paid according to the Union (International Union of Operating Engineers Affiliated with AFL-CIO Local No. 95-95A) contract then in effect.

Job Duties

The following list of duties is not all inclusive and is meant to serve as a guide for the scope of work to be carried out by the Distribution Mechanic

  • Be familiar with and utilize all Clearway safety procedures as appropriate to the work being accomplished
  • Carry-out safety responsibilities as assigned (e.g. Key Safety Issues)
  • Inspect and maintain the Distribution System by making regular visits to all vaults.
  • Diagnose source(s) of trouble with valves, fittings and pipes, and perform proper repair/replacement procedures
  • Prepare (set up) all Distribution System worksites for safe and efficient work
  • Properly perform LOTO procedures in isolating and de-energizing equipment and systems that are to be worked on, identify and eliminate or report unsafe conditions in the Distribution System, and perform all tasks in a safety conscious manner
  • Adjust, repair, overhaul, and rebuild Distribution System components as required
  • Respond to Operator requests as required
  • Become proficient in the safe operation all vehicles
  • Provision and care for all tools, equipment, parts, and materials required in the service truck
  • Perform welding, cutting, brazing, and pipefitting tasks as directed or required throughout the plant
  • Maintain cleanliness in the Yard area

Minimum Job Entry Requirements

  • High school education
  • Mechanical aptitude and skill set as evaluated by the Distribution Lead
  • Sufficient physical attributes to be able to perform the rigors of working in hot (with exposure to and working around temperatures that can reach 120ºF) and cold locations, to work in confined spaces, to have the ability to work on ladders, to go up and down those ladders frequently, to be able to lift up to 75 lbs, and to be able to work on feet for numbers of consecutive hours
  • Valid Pennsylvania motor vehicle operator’s license/ DOT medical card.
  • ASME 2G, 6G Welding Certification

Other details

  • Job Family Union - San Francisco
  • Pay Type Hourly
  • Hiring Rate $78,104.00
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  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA