Operations & Maintenance Apprentice

Omaha, NE, USA Req #18
Thursday, November 10, 2022
Community Energy Operating Company Omaha provides heating and cooling to non-residential buildings in downtown Omaha via three energy plants and an underground piping distribution system.
The apprentice is required to learn safe, reliable, and efficient operation and maintenance of all plant equipment and distribution systems in accordance with written plant procedures and under the direction of their supervisor and assigned mentor.
Reporting Responsibility: The apprentice reports to their supervisor for work, training, and academic assignments. A mentor will be assigned to each apprentice for “On the Job Training” (OJT).

All requirements of the program are delineated in the Registered Apprenticeship Standards.
  • The apprentice will work approximately 30 hours per week at the plant and/or on the distribution system.
  • The first-year apprentice will work as an Industrial District Energy Technician (IDET) (a new DOL occupational code), gaining a wide range of experience in each of the specialized career paths that comprise District Energy.
  • After the apprentice’s first year, s/he will choose one of the following career paths:
    • Control Operator
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Technician
    • Distribution Mechanic
  • The Control Operator career path requires an additional three-year apprenticeship – i.e., second through fourth years. The Control Operator career path also requires that the apprentice acquire a Third Grade City of Omaha Stationary Engineer’s License during the apprenticeship.
  • The Plant Maintenance, I&C Technician, and Distribution Mechanic career paths require an additional two-year apprenticeship - i.e., second through third years. 
  • While not required, the apprentice in one of these career paths is encouraged to acquire a Third Grade City of Omaha Stationary Engineer’s License during the apprenticeship.
  • In conjunction with OJT, the apprentice will work towards an associate degree at Metro Community College (MCC), for approximately 10 hours per week.
  • Wages: Start at $20/hour, with incremental increases each year, provided the apprentice meets required milestones. The apprentice will be paid for OJT(about 30 hours/week) but will not be paid during courses at MCC (however, tuition for these courses will be covered by the apprenticeship program).
  • At the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentice is free to seek employment as a journeyman, with no further obligation to Clearway Energy Center Omaha; however, if the journeyman desires to remain at Clearway Energy Center Omaha, s/he may apply for any open positions.
  • If the apprentice discontinues the apprenticeship program before completion, the apprentice is liable for reimbursement of all tuition expenditures.
  • Note: Apprentices will be paired with a mentor through all phases of instruction – (1) training, (2) demonstration of fundamentals, and (3) proficiency in task. All milestones will be tracked by the apprentices’ mentor and supervisor in accordance with the Registered Apprenticeship Standards. 
  • Train / certify in the prioritization of safety, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Obtain a 30-hour OSHA DOL card and certification.
Control Operator
  • Train / certify in the operation of all thermal plant main and auxiliary equipment.
  • Train / certify in all applicable operating and casualty procedures.
  • Train / certify in monitoring and optimizing plant performance.
  • Train / certify in maintaining water chemistry controls, including sampling procedures.
  • Train / certify to take corrective actions based upon independent judgment of indications and alarms.
  • Train / certify in coordination of all activities in and around the plant.
Plant Maintenance
  • Train / certify in the mechanical repair of all equipment at each plant, including boilers and boiler plant auxiliary equipment, chillers and chiller plant auxiliary equipment, and all piping systems and related components.
  • Train / certify in inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, configuring, repairing, calibrating, and installing mechanical, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic control components and instrumentation.
  • Train / certify in the performance and documentation of preventive and predictive maintenance.
I&C Technician
  • Train / certify in the calibration, reading, and repair of meters and instrumentation and controls (I&C).
Distribution Mechanic
  • Train / certify on all distribution systems and customer-specific equipment.
  • Train / certify in the troubleshooting and repair of distribution piping systems in tunnels, trenches, manholes, and in customer premises.
  • Train / certify in locating failed distribution systems, establishing maintenance boundaries, excavating the work site, and conducting repairs.
  • Train / certify in the following trade skills: pipefitting, fabricating, machining, and welding.

Other details

  • Job Family Prof. (Plant)
  • Pay Type Hourly
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  • Omaha, NE, USA